GoodBread: The Beginnings

Hey, ya want some bread?

In my last two weeks of my time at Flatiron School I had to complete a final full-stack app for my last project of the program. Ultimately what I created for the final project was a mix between a twitter inspired social media platform and a recipe app. In the app you could post a recipe, follow others, like and comment on other recipes. It was pretty barebones and a poor attempt at a social media platform. This is what my app called ‘GoodBread’ was.

Fast forward to my job search, I found out that GoodBread wasn’t cutting it for my keystone project. It was full of bugs, hard to use, hard to look at, and overall didn’t have a clear goal in what it was trying to do. It just wasn’t a great app. I searched for a while for a new app idea that could replace GoodBread, but I couldn’t think of anything outstanding. Eventually I came back to GoodBread and decided to rebuild it with a different goal in mind, and give it the justice it deserved.

My new goal for GoodBread is to make it into a fully dedicated recipe app, dropping the social media inspiration. Ultimately I want this to be the centerpiece of my portfolio, something that I can keep working at and show my skill in frontend and backend development. For this to happen, it absolutely needs to be published and accessible to the public in a working state. This also means implementing things like Graphql, Active Record Storage, and a better styling solution. Lastly the ultimate dream is to have GoodBread to gain users, popularity, and recognition as a recipe app.

Snapping back to reality, GoodBread is not in any publishable state. In fact, on surface level it doesn’t differ much in functionality to the original final project version. Most of my work on GoodBread has been fire control: fixing bugs, errors, doing a site wide conversion to hooks, and other quality improvements. Despite all of this work I’m nowhere near done in these bug fixes, and it has been an uphill battle to get React to do what I want. However, these are all necessary steps to make this a more polished product in the end.

It’s not “great” bread, but it is GoodBread

Moving forward in this project, I’ve created myself a list of milestones that includes features that I want to implement. The first milestone is reworking the create recipe form so that it has a more defined structure, having lists of ingredients, steps, and descriptions for the recipe. This milestone also includes adding pictures, tags for organization, and email integration for users. By the second or third milestone the project should be ready for a public release.

I Have so much more in plan for GoodBread, and I hope that I can achieve most of my ambitions. I’ll be trying to continue to post blogs and updates about GoodBread and its features. My hope is so that I can also get feedback from the community so that it’s not just my own ideas. So look forward to future posts and tell me what you think about this project of mine, I would love to hear from you!




A Full-Stack Software Engineer working with React.js and Ruby on Rails.

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Riley M. Iverson

Riley M. Iverson

A Full-Stack Software Engineer working with React.js and Ruby on Rails.

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