Setting Up a Skyfactory 4 Server on a Raspberry Pi

Getting Started

  • Raspberry pi 4 (8GB)
  • 32GB micro SD card
  • Micro SD card reader
  • USB drive (2GB or more)
  • keyboard and mouse
  • monitor
  • Micro-HDMI cable
  • Type-C Power cable
  • Ethernet cable

System Setup & Install

Tab down to <ok> and hit enter
The output should look like this. If not try reinstalling JDK.

Minecraft User & Tools

The -p makes these directories private.
The output should look something like this.

Getting our server files set up

Note to not use the forge installer.jar
Nano is Raspberry Pi’s CLI text editor

Minecraft as a Service

Should look like this with ‘ExecStart’ as one line. Ignore my spelling mistakes in the image, the text above it is correct.
So empty!

IP Address & Routers

  1. Set the Pi’s IP to a static address
  2. Configure your router to reserve that IP for the PI
  3. Configure your router to open the port that our server is using

My Experience & Conclusion




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